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Advantages and Disadvantages of Earthstone Worktops

Worktops are no doubt a very important aspect of your kitchen. This is because you need adequate counter space when cooking. Kitchen countertops are available in different styles and types that you can choose from to ensure the kitchen is not only easy to work in but also stands out in terms of style.

If you are looking for something elegant, stunning and long lasting, you will do well to consider earthstone worktops that are made using 28mm chipboard and acrylic surface that is bonded to its front and top faces. Earthstone worktops will look wonderful in the kitchen especially when complemented with wooden kitchen cabinets and splashbacks.

One of the greatest selling points of earthstone worktops is the fact that when fitted properly, they have seamless joints thereby giving them an attractive and stunning finish that sets it apart from laminate worktops. You need to find an expert handyman to fit these worktops – John Travers is the best handyman in Dublin.

Besides, this worktop comes in different colours hence you can easily settle for a colour that complements the colour scheme of your kitchen. In most cases, the choice of design is dependent on the colour scheme of the kitchen as well as the durability and maintenance of then surface.

Earthstone kitchen worktops are highly durable hence long lasting. This can be attributed to the fact that they are non-porous hence do not allow the penetration of stains and even fluids. In addition, this surface also inhibits the growth of bacteria and mould making it very hygienic. This is especially good news if you are expecting a baby! Friends of my recently went for gender selection and had a baby via IVF, they had Earthstone tops put in their kitchen and have never been happier.

While it is said to be heat resistant, you will do well to avoid placing very hot pans especially those from the oven directly on the surface. Instead, you need to protect the surface with the help of worktop savers and trivets. Moreover, be sure to use your chopping board when slicing food. Keep things like electric trolling motor batteries away from your earthstone as they can corrode and stain the worktop.

Even then, you need to keep in mind that these work surfaces will be scratched over time but these can be removed by polishing. Keep in mind that some earthstone worktops UK especially the dark ones will show marks and scratches easily than those that are light coloured. Most importantly, you need to understand that like any other solid surface worktop, cheap earthstone worktops are bound to develop surface scratches. In addition, you will need to avoid spillages and if any, then be sure to wipe off immediately.

Even then, this solid surface worktop has both advantages and disadvantages just like any other worktop. Here are the main advantages and disadvantages of earthstone worktops UK that you need to know before buying:


  • Earthstone worktops can be installed with inconspicuous joints that give it a smooth, sleek and modern finish.
  • These worktops are non-porous making them resistant to common strains while preventing the buildup of bacteria.
  • Minor scratches can be removed through polishing as part of the regular maintenance procedure while more severe bumps and marks can be gotten rid of through sanding.
  • Earthstone kitchen worktops are a lot cheaper than quartz and granite worktops.
  • These worktops are easy to install even though you will do well to get a professional fitter to install for your


Earthstone worktops UK present two major disadvantages that include the following:

  • Although they are cheaper to maintain, cheap earthstone worktops require a special kit to ensure that they remain in a good state for a long time.
  • The earthstone worktops tend to get scratches easily. This is particularly true for those worktops that either have the lightest or darkest colours.

Earthstone kitchen worktops are a great choice not only for their functional value but also for also aesthetic value. In fact, with these worktops you are guaranteed of getting value for your money.


Quick House Sale: How to Attract Prospective Buyers

Although a quick house sale is a sure way of selling your property fast, it requires some preparation that will not only improve the aesthetic appeal of the property but also its general value.

sellhousefast_346If you need to sell your house fast, here are some important tips to take into consideration:

Spruce up the garden – according to UK Quick House Sale company Ready Steady Sell, your property’s curb appeal is crucial in your quest to sell your house fast. Therefore, take time to tidy up the garden through regular maintenance activities like mowing the lawn, ensuring driveways and flowerbeds are weeds free, getting rid of dead plants, clipping the hedges and ensuring there are no dead leaves in the front garden.

  • De-clutter – Clearing any outdoor clutter will leave all the attention going to the house. Items such as children’s toys or bikes, dust bins, tools, lawn mower, hose and any other objects must not be visible. The only thing that may be allowed in sight is a clean car. Otherwise, the presence of other items may be a huge disruption from the good impression that you desire prospective buyers to have.
  • Maintain boundaries – It is important to ensure that all the gates, fences, outside walls and railings are in good shape. You may think of applying a fresh coat of paint to the fences that are not live. If there are any that require repair, be sure to fix it as soon as you can. While these seem to be minor points, they may be such a big deal for some prospective buyers.
  • Use the direction of your garden as a selling point – Depending on the direction where the garden is facing, your property may sell fast. Generally, gardens that face southwest or south tend to sell faster as they get most of the sun. Therefore, you need to know the direction that your garden faces.
  • Maintain the useable outdoor space – Having a useable outdoor space can contribute to the achievement of a quick house sale. Whether it is the patio, a roof terrace or full blown garden, be sure to make the most of it. You can create a seating space that goes a long way in defining the ability to entertain guests outdoors.

Buyers may want to drive past your property to check the worth before booking an appointment to view it. This means, you have not excuse but to get everything right from the onset before putting the property up for a quick house sale.

Be sure not to give them a wrong first impression as you cannot undo it and they may just drive away for good. You may also talk to estate agents for further advice of selling you’re your fast.


The Advantages and Disadvantages of Quick House Sale Companies

It is not doubt that quick house sale companies are a great solution when you want to sell your house fast. In fact, it is the reason these companies have steadily gained popularity among property owners that want to rid themselves of the property fast. Besides selling property through estate agents is not always practical depending on your needs especially if you have to relocate or are going through a divorce.

Digital Image by Sean Locke Digital Planet Design

There are a number of reasons that you may prompt you to opt for a quick house sale. They include the following:

  • You found your dream house and need to raise money to pay for it fast
  • You are relocating to a new area
  • You are going through a divorce
  • You are emigrating
  • You inherited the property but want to sell it to acquire new one
  • You are downsizing
  • You are retiring
  • You are facing tough financial problems and need a quick financial boost
  • Your neighbours are a nuisance

If you are faced with any of these issues, quick house sale companies that buy your property in as little as 7 days will suit your timescale while offering a host of advantages. Although a number of quick house sale companies are regulated by being registered members of the RICS, there are those companies that are not registered hence take advantage of sellers.

It is important to ensure that you only work with companies that are registered with professional bodies because only then are you assured that they will abide by the code of practice that also outlines proper dispute resolution. Sellers who do not sell their property through a RICS approved company are particularly at risk of losing out financially despite being able to sell their property fast.


There are advantages as well as disadvantages of selling your property to the quick house sale companies. They include the following:

  • You are able to access cash fast.
  • Regulated quick house sale companies are able to help you stop repossession, address existing financial problems and clear debt.
  • It is an easy and fast way of disposing of inherited property.
  • It is a good solution if you are faced with health problems or are retiring and need to move to the home for the elderly.
  • If you are going through a relationship breakdown or divorce, quick house sale companies can help in liquidating the property in just a matter of days.
  • You can get to sell your property even if it would have been difficult selling it through estate agents due to existing problems, as they do not focus on the problem or condition when buying.
  • They make your relocation process simple by providing cash fast.
  • It is a quick avenue of raising money to pay for your dream house


Unfortunately, we cannot only talk of the positive side of the quick house sale companies while forgetting the disadvantages. Here are some of the disadvantages:

  • The majority of quick house sale companies are not registered hence, are unregulated. What this means is that these companies my employ malpractices like promising to buy your house only to reduce the price when the sale process is at an advanced stage. Therefore, it is important that you do your research well so that you instruct the right company that is subscribed to the National Association of Property Buyers. This way, you are guaranteed that the quick house sale will sail through.
  • Unregulated quick house sale companies may charge you a fee even though you are not supposed to be charged any fees. If the company you have chosen is charging you a fee, then ignore them.
  • Quick house sale companies that are not regulated may also come up with false valuations in a bid to take advantage of you.
  • Some companies may tie you into contracts for up to 12 months beating the logic for opting for a quick house sale in the first place.

Generally, quick house sale companies are a good and fast way of selling property letting you take care of any pressing issues that you may be faced with. Even then, you need to ensure that you research about the quick house sale company that you will work with because only then will you be protected from possible malpractices.


Preparing your Property for Sale

When you set out to sell your property, you desire to get a buyer fast so that the process does not drag for too long. Even then, selling a house can be frustrating especially when you do not know how to take advantage of the probable selling points. If you are selling property for the first time, it is important to begin looking at the property through the eyes of the buyer.  Consequently, there are things you may need to do that will significantly affect the sale of your property. They include the following:

  • Bear in mind that it is the little things that count

sellhousefast_472Pay attention to every little detail. It is common to find buyers nit picking as they look at various properties while weighing in on what suits their needs. Thus, you will do well to fix those little things that we tend to overlook such as a change of bulb among others.

  • Define the rooms

Where possible, you will do well to define each room, giving an opportunity for prospecting how they will fit into the property. You will do well to ensure that each rooms serves the purpose for which it was intended. While at it, you may also want to depersonalize the rooms in a number of ways like taking town any posters. This way, the buyer is able to see the potential of the house.

  • Stay out of the way

When prospective buyers are viewing your property, give them the freedom to wander around the house in the company of the agent. This way, they will feel comfortable while asking relevant questions concerning the property.

  • Maximize the outdoor space

Outdoor spaces like a garden can be a great selling point. Therefore, consider getting someone to tidy up the garden for your garden can be a breath of fresh air that will keep the buyer smiling all through the viewing process.

Once you have done all these preparations, it is important to ensure that you choose a reliable buyer. A cash buyer is a good bet, as they do not require a mortgage. Therefore, you will do well to carefully assess the offers that you receive so that you are able to make the right choice.

Remember, there are other factors that you need to take into consideration that include how fast you want to sell your property and if you are selling to buy, you need to consider if you have found a place to move.

If you intend to move fast after the sale, you need to let your estate agent know about it so that they can take appropriate action. Even then, you need to be careful not to show desperation as some estate agents may take advantage of your weakness to make more money. Most importantly, be sure to research widely about the property  market paying attention to the trends as well as prevailing conditions so that you are up to date and can make decisions from a point of information.